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Andreas Hedström

My name is Andreas Hedström.
I am 38 years old, living in Sollefteå, Sweden.

Until now I have been working as an employee for different IT-companies for about 13 years, as an IT-consultant with many different kinds of IT-related tasks.

During the recent years I mostly have been working with developing webpages for different private persons, organizations and companys, small and large, and that also happens to be the kind of IT-development that I like the most!

A few months ago I finally had the courage to quit my current employment, and now I'm finding myself on a completely new territory, regarding starting my own business.
But when it comes to developing webpages, I'm certainly feeling comfortable enough due to my experience in the area.

My main goal within my company is to be able to work with development of new webpages, or assist with maintenance of existing ones.

That may include developing new webpages, maintaining it in form of keeping the main platform updated, updating the different components and modules that are included in the site, and perhaps assist with including new information of different kind if necessary or requested.

It's completely up to you what you want to be included, and every project will be estimated based on it's content etc.

Contact me at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information regarding estimations of different kinds of development.

  • Danny Saucedo (Famous Swedish and international music artist)
  • Jesper Blomqvist (Former football player in amongst other teams:
    AC Milan, Parma, Manchester United, Everton FC and Charlton Athletics)
  • Anki Edvinsson Hedström (Acknowledged TV profile in Swedish television, previously as a travel reporter, but nowadays as news reporter in Swedish TV4)
  • Gå & Löpkliniken (Gå & Löpkliniken, with five stores in Sweden, are specialists in providing the right shoes based on individual demands and pre-conditions)
  • Dryga Milen Umeå (A webpage that provides information about a marathon that takes place in Umeå)
  • AMG Event & Utbildning (Golf professionals company page)
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions